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October 29, 2020

Why Flutter? Flutter Installation and Programming Logic

By Apole.Dev

Why Flutter?

In fact, when we look at programming through the logic framework, it has a pool of logic that can easily respond to us.

  • Dart Programming is more than in compliance with OOP rules, which satisfies us with its preferred opening.
  • With nested architecture, it becomes very easy to apply and understand.
  • It has a structure that is constantly evolving and supports many platforms.

Now, as for what I’m saying, I’d better open it up a little bit more;

Flutter is a very nice UI (user interface) interface design kit. Flutter has been presented to us by Google and is constantly being developed.

Now let’s answer another question that’s left in the flows.

Which Software Language Flutter Encodes:

It is encoded with the Dart programming language that anoints us with the Future structure, which is very much in fits with the OOP logic developed by Google.

Dart Programming Language

What is Dart?

How many times have I said it so far? We’re going to make oop logic.

Object-Oriented Programming:

OOP, i.e. Object orientation programming, is actually the current end of programming languages by ascending into specific layers.

Oop programming flutter ,Dart

Dart Object-Based Programming

Whats that supposed to mean?

It wasn’t object-based in the programs that used to be written, it was in the form of direct orientation or multiple orientations. You could say that, even if it wasn’t. If you’re already interested, you’ll learn them with time.

See: Programming from Past to Present

Object-Based Programming When we look at it with short logic, each object is descaring from an object. What do you mean, you could have said that? I’ll explain it now, but you won’t understand it again because learning programming happens with practice.

In fact, each code you type can’t be decoded from another block of code. There are sequences in this genre.

  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction

Let me put this briefly.

Encapsulatin is a method used to provide access to the code you type, which is encapsulation in Turkish. Public, Private logic.

Inheritance is the fact that a code we write, which is inherited in Turkish, is a feature from someone else. Like the traits you get from your parents.

Polymorphism, it‘s a little hard to explain to beginners, but let me touch on the clamp. It can be likened to the understanding of typed code by different people.

Abstraction is used to block the property from the mother or father, whose Turkish abstraction is. For example, your mother has blond hair, but you don’t want to be, so you use Abstraction to prevent it.

See: Object-Based Programming Detailed

Now that we’re talking about dart programming, let’s move on to the Flutter kit.

Internal Structure in Flutter:

Let me explain what you mean by nested structure. For example, you write code and add a property to it, in which case it doesn’t always work the way you want it to, and you get an error.

But with the Child logic found in Flutter, everyone can have a child with each other, which makes it easier and faster than the development. Don’t forget programming


It works with the logic of repeating yourself and doing what’s easy.

Now let’s get to the board:

Flutter Setup:

Engin talks about the installation but after it is installed :

Flutter --android-version
for android version update